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What is Project Diginabled? Project "Diginabled" allows you to make money online with White Enterprises. When you register,we will verify your credentials and then the process of helping you out earn online will start.

How to Register on Diginabled? To register, please visit and click on Register with Us. A form will open up. You can call on the helpline numbers to ask for any help.  You can also tap here to register with us.

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Last Update: 26-01-2019

Dinesh got some help again!

The Incident White Enterprises: Brother Dinesh, please tell what was your issue with Vodafone?

Dinesh: Sir, it was like I paid my previous month bills.

Dinesh: When we reached the Vodafone store, they said you have not any bill past 3 months. So, sir, White Enterprises helped me pay those bills. In this way, we are connected with you, sir.

White Enterprises: What was the total amount, Dinesh?

Dinesh: It was 474 Rupees.

White Enterprises: It was 474 Rupees but it came out to be 1,200 Rupees. Right?

Dinesh: Right Sir!

White Enterprises: He was yelling at you. They think low of you just because you are poor. So we said - "Show us the Bills" and it was really more than 1,200 Rupees. We cannot fight with the machine. We need to pay the amount it is asking us to pay it.

We paid his bills and took him with respect from there.

White Enterprises: So what happened with you at night? You were saying, you couldn't sleep!

Dinesh: I couldn't sleep because of my happiness, Sir.


Rohit earned an HTC One Android SmartPhone


It feels good to initiate Project "Diginabled" successfully today. We have already helped Rohit with a refurbished HTC Android smartphone.
Refurbished HTC One V T320 E Story The smartphone is a refurbished one. But the fact is - it's a smartphone. As per to us, a smartphone opens imaginable and unimaginable doors of earning for a person. All the applications required by a small scale business can be installed on a basic smartphone in the market. There are many people who handle stock market trading with just their smartphones.

Project Diginabled Merits The "Diginabled" initiative helps out the needy people start earning money on their own. We train them. We don't ask for any explicit payments to be made on their part. If they earn we take a small portion to function properly.
It also allows the cultivation of Hard work and loyalty to get developed in those people We believe Theft is caused by lack of money at some level. With the "Diginabled" …

Dinesh earned a Nokia Mobile Phone


Do you have certain issues in life and wanted someone's unconditional help to resolve them?

Here at White Enterprises, Brother "Dinesh" earned a mobile device with us costing around $14.99. He is able to connect with his family on a daily basis now. This means he can confirm that his children have reached home from school in time. This also means he can connect with his relatives and family members if some disaster or calamity happens in their area. This actually means a lot of things that can happen if you make someone digitally enabled or telephonically enabled.

Dinesh earned a Nokia Mobile Phone Video
We feel good that people like Dinesh can be helped in today's world with our firm White Enterprises and your collective effort. We do accept donations now and the revenue we generate as a software company is also directed mostly towards their well-being.

White Enterprises is working to stabilize the living conditions of the poor people across the globe since 2018…