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Dinesh earned a Nokia Mobile Phone

Dinesh earned a Nokia Mobile Phone.
Dinesh earned a Nokia Mobile Phone.


Do you have certain issues in life and wanted someone's unconditional help to resolve them?

Here at White Enterprises, Brother "Dinesh" earned a mobile device with us costing around $14.99. He is able to connect with his family on a daily basis now. This means he can confirm that his children have reached home from school in time. This also means he can connect with his relatives and family members if some disaster or calamity happens in their area. This actually means a lot of things that can happen if you make someone digitally enabled or telephonically enabled.

We feel good that people like Dinesh can be helped in today's world with our firm White Enterprises and your collective effort. We do accept donations now and the revenue we generate as a software company is also directed mostly towards their well-being.

White Enterprises is working to stabilize the living conditions of the poor people across the globe since 2018. We successfully made many poor people “Digitally Enabled” in the year 2018 without any external help.

Dinesh who earned - Nokia 105 Black now calls our organization instead of us trying to connect with him. Ramu owns a canvas lapbook now and works on his devices for his own firm which he is running to give some life to his old mother and family.

The ultimate objective is to make poor people live their lives instead of suffering through painful situations that make them thiefs, weak or victims mentally and in actions.

Since Dinesh earned a mobile phone with us he is now connecting more people with us and in turn is making few more bucks by helping us and all the needy people out there in the world.

Brother Dinesh Contact: +919646600728

If you are seeing this and you require certain type of help from us;
please connect on Whatsapp Business: +918248521844

Warm Regards
The White Enterprises Team


  1. I feel good to be a part of White Enterprises.

  2. Amazing work by whitenterprises.org , helping others with basic needs.