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Rohit earned an HTC One Android SmartPhone


It feels good to initiate Project "Diginabled" successfully today. We have already helped Rohit with a refurbished HTC Android smartphone.

Refurbished HTC One V T320 E Story

The smartphone is a refurbished one. But the fact is - it's a smartphone. As per to us, a smartphone opens imaginable and unimaginable doors of earning for a person. All the applications required by a small scale business can be installed on a basic smartphone in the market. There are many people who handle stock market trading with just their smartphones.

HTC phones: Rohit earned an HTC One Android Smartphone.
HTC phones: Rohit earned an HTC One Android Smartphone.

Project Diginabled Merits

The "Diginabled" initiative helps out the needy people start earning money on their own. We train them. We don't ask for any explicit payments to be made on their part. If they earn we take a small portion to function properly.

It also allows the cultivation of Hard work and loyalty to get developed in those people We believe Theft is caused by lack of money at some level. With the "Diginabled" initiative we intend to lower theft cases at the global level as well.

The smartphone is a refurbished one. It adds up to the process of "Reusing" the electronic devices as well. This, in turn, will lower the amount of e-waste being produced by the countries involved in our project.

Our Vision

It's possible to earn money online by doing simple businesses with the help of a smartphone or a laptop. By working hard, a poor can dream to earn their commodities themselves. This way, the problem of poverty can be dealt with in an effective manner.

What is your viewpoint? Let us know in the comments below.

Warm Regards
whitenterprises.org Team.

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