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Dinesh got some help again!

The Incident

Vodafone Customer Care: Dinesh got some help again
Vodafone Customer Care: Dinesh got some help again

White Enterprises: Brother Dinesh, please tell what was your issue with Vodafone?

Dinesh: Sir, it was like I paid my previous month bills.

Dinesh: When we reached the Vodafone store, they said you have not any bill past 3 months. So, sir, White Enterprises helped me pay those bills. In this way, we are connected with you, sir.

White Enterprises: What was the total amount, Dinesh?

Dinesh: It was 474 Rupees.

White Enterprises:
It was 474 Rupees but it came out to be 1,200 Rupees. Right?

Dinesh: Right Sir!

White Enterprises: He was yelling at you. They think low of you just because you are poor. So we said - "Show us the Bills" and it was really more than 1,200 Rupees. We cannot fight with the machine. We need to pay the amount it is asking us to pay it.

We paid his bills and took him with respect from there.

White Enterprises: So what happened with you at night? You were saying, you couldn't sleep!

Dinesh: I couldn't sleep because of my happiness, Sir.

Dinesh: I am really happy sir and for the first time, I have got some real benefits from someone.

Infact below is a video interview of the same.

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