Neobux Review : is Neobux Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, you will learn about Neobux and the ways of making money with it. First of all, let's take a deep breath and admire the fact that Neobux is not a scam and it pays even in the year 2019.

My journey with neobux started this year only and I got happy with a first small payment of $ 02.05. It just took me few hours of work on the website. Surprisely, some people are able to make as much as $1000 in their neobux accounts like the person below and I am on my way to make this much and so will you by following the advice below!

Because of all this, I got to know that Neobux is a legit company and they are from Portugal. Below is the payment proof of the same.

neobux review: neobux payment proof
Neobux Payment Proof

The Payment Proof is from Airtm website (lowest fee).
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Now, if you decide to sign up on Neobux: Neobux Sign Up Link. Your first job would be to verify your email id and then click on all the ads in the "View Advertisements" section of the website. This will give you a good start in earning money as presented below.

Neobux Review: View Advertisements to Earn Money
Neobux Review: View Advertisements to Earn Money

Now let's quickly talk about all the possible ways of making money with it.

1) View Advertisements Daily

In the beginning, you will be a standard member. You will be getting 20+ advertisements a day. Each advertisement will give you around $0.001 + 4 adprize points. You can watch the advertisements in the "View Advertisements" Tab of your account daily. So,

  20+ * $ 0.001 = $ 0.020. daily just from watching the ads.

To increase your earnings from watching ads, you can install Neobux Adalert plugin for firefox (for Mozilla Firefox) or Neobux Adalert plugin for chrome (for Google Chrome) depending on your browser.The plugin is developed by Neobux company only.

If you think this amount is not appreciable then you can try - Rotate4all. Although the process takes some time; They pay you around $0.40 per day just for watching their 5 seconds ads. Please read - Rotate4all : Review: How to earn money by watching ads? for more details.

2) Watch AdPrize ads for the bonus.

For each advertisement you watched in step 1), you will get 4 adprize bonus. It just means 4 ads to watch that might get you anywhere from 10 points to $50.00 bonus. There is no guarantee though. It hardly takes 10 -13 minutes to watch all of them. There is a possibility of getting atleast one bonus in a week.

3) Mini Jobs (Most Reliable)

In Mini Jobs, you will get tasks like - finding people on LinkedIn to finding business information of companies from owler, glassdoor and linkedIn. These tasks are usually easy. You will need a figure8 account for the Mini Jobs.

On Neobux, for each $1.00 USD you earn from Mini Jobs, you will be paid 18% as a bonus reward on the same day.

4) Surveys

If you enjoy doing surveys, you can continue with this part at Neobux.

5) Games

If you enjoy games then you can play them and earn money on Neobux. You can earn around $0.10 a day for playing 2 minutes games. There are a few rules that you can read in the games section of your Neobux account.

6) Offers

You can also complete offers from SuperRewards, OfferToro,, AdscendMedia, AdGateMedia and RevenueUniverse to earn money. The offers are usually quizzes and more surveys.

For answers of quizzes, you can refer MyNeobuxSolutions

7) Direct Referrals

If you refer your friends to the website then you will receive commissions for lifetime and this is the part where you are getting money for doing nothing except referring someone. So see if any of your friends are interested in online earning and then let them sign up from their laptops/PC.

Try to avoid using your laptop/device for your friend's signup as it can get both of your accounts suspended.

8) Rented Referrals

This is the final way of earning money from Neobux. It is strategic in nature and you need to learn to manage your referrals. It is really risky so if you are new to neobux, avoid it!. Although you can learn over time with loss and gains to play the game of rented referrals.  You can download the Rented Referral Management Software to manage your referrals easily instead of using excel sheets.

So to close up, I would say, "Sign up on Neobux and begin your exciting journey now!"

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