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Neobux Review : is Neobux Legit or Scam?

We search the Internet. We are looking for ways to make money online. Not just you and me. There are tons of people these days who are looking for ways to make money online.

There are many scams out there. Hold my hand! I will tell you the ones that are legit. Just keep reading.

Actually, It depends on you. You earn money from it. It is legit. Period.

If you were to follow me, you can admire the fact that Neobux is not a scam and it pays you... even today, can pay you even this moment.

My personal journey with neobux started in 2019 only and I got my first little payment of $02.05 (2 doll. It just took me a few hours of work on the website to get this.

Surprisingly, some people are able to make as much as $1000+ USD in their neobux accounts. We both will be one of those people in the future. Promise. Just carefully implement the strategy

So Neobux is legit and they are from Portugal and below is the payment proof of $02.05. It is from Airtm.

neobux review: neobux payment proof
Neobux Payment Proof

There are many ways to withdraw money here and most of them might make you feel sad. They will heartlessly cut off your hard earned money in their feel charges. So what could be the solution? 

How to withdraw our money once we earn it? Well there is a good payout method. The good method is Airtm.

Airtm is good and recommended because it has the lowest fee ($0.30 USD). Infact, when you Sign up on Airtm, you will get $1.00 USD for free.

If they don't give you the money then email me. We will fight together. Woosh! Woosh!

Next is Neobux, So if I tell you to sign up on Neobux: Neobux Sign Up Link. and if you were to agree and sign up now. Your first task would be to verify your email address

Then, one by one, click on all the ads in the "View Advertisements" section of the website. This will give you a good start and good start feels good. Right? See the figure below.

Neobux Review: View Advertisements to Earn Money
Neobux Review: View Advertisements to Earn Money
Well I want to give you as much knowledge as possible so that you start and you continue your journey on neobux for years to come. The reason is simple. The reason is to help you out make some money in the minimum time.

Below are all the ways, all the ways I could find to make money with neobux.

1) View Advertisements Daily

In the beginning, you are going to be a standard member. You will be getting 20+ advertisements a day and each advertisement will give you around $0.001 + 4 Adprize points.

Trust me, this is very low. But continue reading to know the big plan. You can watch these advertisements in the "View Advertisements" Tab of your account. So,

  20 * $ 0.001 = $ 0.02 daily just from watching the ads.

Sometimes $0.01 Ads appear in the "Advertisements" Section. People end up missing them. You are following me , so I would say install Neobux Adalert Plugin (Firefox or Chrome) depending on your browser.

The plugin is developed by Neobux company only and it will help you. It will help you to grab all the ads and earn money from each one of them. Perfect!

Well, even after sugar coating this much. I know you are intelligent. You can tell me -"Hey, I will still be making $0.02 from ads. This amount is too low". Well you're right!.If you think this amount is not appreciable then go for Rotate4all instead.

They are comparatively better in this PTC business. They pay you around $0.40 per day just for watching their 5 seconds ads. Do read Rotate4all : Review: How to earn money by watching ads? before you start.

2) Watch AdPrize ads for the bonus.

Neobux gives you bonus. Bonus of watching 4 more ads for each of your clicks. You will see them in bottom right. Bottom-Right in the "View Advertisements" Tab.

Trust me, I have got 10 points to $0.50 bonus just from these adprizes.. It hardly takes 10 -13 minutes to watch all of them. Come on! You can do it. Bonus will be there every week (Most Probably).

3) Mini Jobs (Most Reliable)

Mini Jobs sounds good. Mini Jobs are even reliable. You can find someone on linkedin and that is one type of a Mini Job.

You can find some business information on owler or glassdoor and that is another type of Mini-Job and mini jobs are easy. Mini Jobs pay you well too.

All it requires is a Figure8 Account to start these jobs on Neobux..

On Neobux, for each $1.00 USD you earn from these Mini Jobs, you are going to be paid 18% i.e $0.18 USD as a bonus reward for the job completion instantly.

4) Surveys

Surveys are everywhere. But Surveys on Neobux pay you. Don't skip them. Okay!

5) Games

Next is Games. People like to play games and when you play them on Neobux, you get paid money. . You can earn around $0.1 a day for playing say 2-Minute games.

There are few general rules to read. Read them in the Games section before you start earning from the games in Neobux.

6) Offers

Surveys are everywhere and offers are everywhere too. Offer Sites like SuperRewards, OfferToro, Persona.ly, AdscendMedia, AdGateMedia and RevenueUniverse  are there to help you earn money.

Within offers, you will find quizzes. Quizzes will help you earn some money quickly. There are always 10s of them on the website.

All answers to quizzes are available MyNeobuxSolutions. Imagine, you are having a quiz test and you know all the answers already. ;)

7) Direct Referrals

Direct Referrals will make you feel good. For no extra money, let's say you just referred people on Quora to Neobux (using something like a blog) and they came here and clicked on their ads and earned their own money.

You will earn commissions when they behave like that. Trust me, this is the most powerful way of earning money with Neobux.

Direct Referrals. You need to learn to make direct referrals for all the sites you use to earn money. This is single best method to make you good money over time.

Don't use your own devices to sign up these referrals. You will accidentally get your account suspended. Protect your account, Soldier!

8) Rented Referrals

Rented referrals needs to be managed. By Rented Referral Management, I mean "Buy them as much as you can". Then "delete the ones that are not working". It sounds easy and it is easy to do as well. You can use  Rented Referral Management Software to easily manage your referrals

I have told you as much I knew. Life is easy sometimes. Sometimes you can earn money by just clicking ads. Life is easy sometimes. Don't wait. Just "Sign up on Neobux and begin your exciting journey of $5000+/year today!"

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