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2captcha Review: is 2captcha legit or Scam?

There are some websites out there that solve captchas for spammers as per to "The New York Times" report but 2captcha website is clean. It is a Russian company as mentioned in the 2Captcha's Terms of Service .

In this article, you will find a detailed review of 2captcha, track record of the website, investment, work involved and lastly some suggestions to work on it.

1. Track Record of 2captcha

It is 2019 now and 2captcha website is in the market for more than 5 years. They pay but the payout is low. There are few complains about them that they don't pay and ban people but as per to our research - it only happened because the person was making lots of mistakes while entering the captchas.

2. Investment Required 

You don't really have to pay anything to start working here. It's completely free. Infact, you can sign up now on 2captcha to start working.

3. Work Involved

 Basically, captcha typing is the work here.You need to type the images that come in front of your computer screen. We can call those images as simple captchas. To earn more, you can also download the 2captcha Desktop Bot and sign up in the bot to fill Google Recaptchas. 2captcha website pays as much as $1.50 for 1000 correct Google Recaptchas.

You can also work on your android mobile phone using "2captcha app" (Click to Download). and that is a good news for people who use cell phones to work.

4. How to Earn Money on 2Captcha?

 To start working:
  • Sign up on 2Captcha.
  • Solve the answers in the training mode using the following answer video.

  •  After few clicks, your working cabinet will start and you can begin working by typing captchas.

5. Some Valuable Suggestions

  •  Websites like 2captcha pay you money only for the correct entries so you need to make sure you type correctly and press the stop when you don't know the exact answer.
  • The truth is captcha work usually becomes boring over time. So use some music if you're really into this type of work.
  • You need to refer people to increase your earnings from 2captcha. As of now, you can earn 10% of commissions as your referrals work.
  • Avoid anytype of 2captcha software in the market as they can get you banned.


6.  2Captcha Payment Proofs

2Captcha Payment Proofs. By the way, 2captcha is on facebook as well.

2Captcha Review: 2Captcha payment proof
2captcha Payment Proofs

7. How to withdraw your earnings from 2captcha ?

 You can withdraw your earnings from 2captcha in crypto or USD. There are many wallets in the payout section of the website.

For webmoney, uphold and payeer, the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.50.

For options of Perfect Money and Advcash, the minimum withdrawal amount is $1.30

For options of BITCOIN (you can use your favorite wallet bitcoin address) and AirTM, the minimum withdrawal amounts are $1.00 each.

Our recommendation: Choose AirTM or uphold for 0% fee.

Thank you so much for reading till the end of the 2captcha Review. Thank you. Did 2captcha paid you as well? How much do you earn from it? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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