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Captcha Typers Review: is Captcha Typers Legit or Scam?

Did you just find captcha typers website on the internet? Do you want to know if it's legit or scam? In this blog post, we will help you get to know the same.

1. Minimum Payment Proof

We worked on captcha workers for a while to check if it is genuine and we got paid. Below is the minimum payment proof. So this means, they are genuine but the way we worked is the catch. So please continue reading the blogpost to know all the secrets or you can sign up on captcha typers now to start working and earning as you have just seen the payment proof.

captcha typers minimum payment proof
Captcha Typers Minimum Payment Proof

 2. Track Record of the website

If you decide to work on this website, you could be helping spammers in some way. There is no mentioning as to when this website or company was founded. So if you are concerned about ethics, you can avoid working on the website but if you think this website is handy to pay you directly in your indian bank account for typing simple captchas or solving google recaptchas then you can surely start and continue working on this website.

There are no terms of service here on the website.

3. Investment Involved 

You should not pay any money to anyone for captcha typers work as it is complete free.

4. How to Earn Money on Captcha Typers ? 

You can earn money on the website by typing simple image captchas or by solving google recaptchas in the captcha workers bot. Captcha workers bot is risky because it asks for your email id and password. So one way to avoid risk is to use a new email id and password while working on the website.

For faster working you can use the Captcha Typers desktop client (download here or here). You might require to keep cookies as well.

The rate per 1000 captchas solved is $0.50 to $2.00 which is the more than the average market price.

The best way to work on the website is the minimum payout approach. Here you earn so that you can withdraw atleast once. Once you have taken your first payout; you can decide to continue working on the website or not.

Payments can be withdrawn from Mon-Fri. They use the next day policy. If you have earned $1.00 on monday then they will pay you the amount on tuesday.

To work on the website, you have to create Master ID first and then create the Employee ID. It is a long process and requires another full blog post for the topic.

5. Suggestions to Work on Captcha Typers

Please follow these suggestions religiously as they will help earn your first income on the website.

  • Captcha Typers will pay you only for the correct entries so make sure before writing the captcha; you know the correct answer otherwise just ignore by stopping and starting the captcha box.
  • Captcha typing work often becomes boring over time. To avoid getting bored, listen to your favorite music while solving the captchas.
  • Carefully read instructions on Captcha Typers before starting to solve the captchas. These instructions will help you avoid alot of errors that will eventually help you avoid getting banned.

So Sign up on Captcha Typers and start working !There are many captcha entry websites that are genuine. For example: 2captcha and Kolotibablo.

Do you trust captcha typers as well? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. captchatypers.com is totaly fake as per work on this site after reached 1 doller i send payment request but i did not get any payment after that i mail to support@captchatypers.com but he say i will send ur payment today,, i will wait for 2 week but i did not get any payment in my accout,, i follw all instructions as per given on this site but its totally lose of my time and work....if u join as its ur decision

    1. Hello there,

      It takes 24 hours for them to evaluate your payment. We tried them and they gave us our income the next day only.

      For example: if you complete payment threshold on 20 afternoon then they will process your payment on 21 but not on 20.

      Hope this helps.

  2. the unknow is saying that he waited for 2 weeks but aminder u r sayng u got ur payment then who to trust i think u r saying the correct bcz u have tested it pls also tell whats the meaning of earnng 0.00920 when it will got completed 1$ thanks pls also refer your typer to lyrics website that whle typing they can listen good songs from here https://www.geetmp3.club thanks

    1. You can only withdraw your money once it reaches a minimum threshold of $1.00 USD. If you have earned 0.00920 then it means you have earned this much but the money will stay in your captcha typers account and you cannot withdraw it.