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Kolotibablo Review: is Kolotibablo Legit or Scam?

Kolotibablo is one of the genuine data entry jobs site where registration is free of cost. 2captcha is also genuine. Below is a payment proof of the website.

kolotibablo review: kolotibablo payment proof
Kolotibablo Payment Proof 2019

1. How to register on the Kolotibablo Website for free?

The point of telling you this is that registeration on the kolotibablo website is absolutely free of cost.


2. How to Earn Money on Kolotibablo Website?

 You can earn money on the kolotibablo website by-
  • Solving Image Captchas.
  • Solving Google Recaptchas.
  • Solving Rotating Captcha Tasks
  • Doing Captcha Moderations.
  • Doing Screenshot Moderations.
  • Solving Custom Captchas
  • By following people on Twitter.
  • By retweeting Twitter tweets.
  • By getting referrals (10% per referral)
You need to qualify for some of these in the "More Jobs" section of the website. 

3. How to Withdraw Money from Kolotibablo Website?

To withdraw your earnings, make sure your master pin is correctly set. Go the account page of your account and click on change pin. You will receive a code. Enter the code in the dialog box on the kolotibablo website. Now set the 4 digit pin. Please remember this pin or keep it safe somewhere. 

Now, set your method of withdrawing money from the website. There are 5 methods of withdrawing money from the website.
  • Yandex.Money: minimum withdrawal is 0.50 USD (good for USSR people only)
  • Bitcoins: Minimum Withdrawal: $24.00 USD bitcoin as of now
  • Advcash: Minimum Withdrawal: 1 USD
  • Litecoins: Minimum Withdrawal: 1 USD
  • Etherium: Minimum Withdrawal: 1 USD

4. Investment Involved

There is no money to paid. Kolotibablo registration is 100% free and I think will always be.

Some people earn around $100.00 in a month on the website. This requires lots of hard work but it is very much possible. Did you also earn $100.00+ from the website. Please let us know in the comments below.

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