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Protypers Review: is Protypers Legit or Scam?

protypers review: is protypers legit or scam?
Protypers Booster Pack: Image belongs to protypers.

Protypers is one of the genuine websites for captcha entry jobs. Other genuine websites are 2captcha, captcha typers and kolotibablo. Do you want to see a proof of protypers? Well below is the payment proof:

Protypers payment proof
Protypers Payment Proof
This was just the minimum payment proof to feel you little pumped for the work. The work is simple and you can start now on protypers if you want.
But there are few secrets of working on the website that you can know in the writings ahead.

1. How to Earn Money from Protypers? 

  • The basic work is captcha typing that you can do on the website or on the desktop app. Desktop app pays you 150% more if you solve google recaptchas on it.
  • You have to solve captchas in 15 secs and you are rewarded typerpoints (credits) accordingly on the website. 1 Typerpoint is usually $1.00 on the website.
  • There is also Rate of solving 1000 captchas on the website. Sometimes it's $0.50 TC (TyperCredits) and sometimes it is as high as $1.00 TC. You can check here for more.
  • TyperDraw: You can earn money on typerdraw by buying a lottery ticket and waiting for 48 hours for the result.
  • Affiliate Program: They pay you 10% of your referrals after 5 of you referrals are paid in their account.

2. How to Withdraw Money from Protypers?

Unlike 2captcha, Kolotibablo and Captcha Typers, you are not supposed to request your withdrawal on Protypers. Protypers automatically process your payment every monday 01:00 A.M. Server Time.
Your balance should reach $3.00 TC before monday so that you can receive your payment in the upcoming week.
Protypers pay you via Paypal, Webmoney, Western Union, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

3. Investment Involved

Protypers is free of cost. There is no investment involved from the participant side.

4. Work Suggestions

  • The best way to work on captcha-typing websites is 1 hour a day. If you can stay 1 hour a day for 30 days with any captcha filling website; you can surely earn and withdraw the money.
  • If you find smart-captchas (the ones that tell you to fill cars, buses and chimneys) a bit hard to solve then you can disable them in your profile and avoid filling incorrect captchas.
  • Make sure you type correct captchas only as incorrect captchas can get you banned.
  • Captcha typing work becomes boring over time so use some music alongside.
Thank you so much for reading Protypers Review. Do you need some help from us regarding Protypers? Let us know in the comments below.

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