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Clixsense (Ysense) Review: is Clixsense (Ysense) Legit or Scam?

ClixSense Review: is ClixSense Legit or Scam?
ClixSense Review: is ClixSense Legit or Scam?

Do you like surveys? If not, would you like small surveys of 10 questions each?
Do you like simple tasks to complete online?
Do you like to complete offers online?

If answer to any one or all of the above questions is "yes" then Clixsense is for you.

Clixsense provides you with different ways of earning real money online.  So let's quickly go through each one of them.

1. Clixsense Review: Paid Surveys

You can earn cash for taking free surveys where you influence the next generation of products and/or services. The surveys are usually from companies like Sample Cube, Global Survey, Toluna, Global TestMarket, Pure Spectrum and Samplicio.us.

They want to improve their services and products by your answers. If you stay honest in the surveys, you are most likely to get paid.

If Surveys bore you then there are cash offers in Clixsense for you.

2. Clixsense Review: Cash Offers

Currently, there are 7 offer walls on Clixsense. These are clixoffers, Jungle Offerwall, Peanut Labs, Offer Toro, Wannads, Adscend and AdGate.

The easiest of these walls are Adscend and AdGate. They will provide you apps to download, websites to try and quizzes to play. (We are talking about free offers here; there are paid offers as well)

To solve quizzes, you can bookmark myneobuxsolutions website. It has answers to almost all of the internet quizzes.

The interesting thing about offer walls and quizzes is you can earn money by solving them, not just on Clixsense but on Neobux, Timebucks, Grabpoints, Cointiply and faucethub. Cointiply and Faucethub are for earning crypto-currencies.

At last, Jungle Offerwall provides you small surveys of 10 questions each.

3. Clixsense Review: Figure-8 Tasks

Figure-8 is a company that gives you simple tasks and pay you for completing them. One of the tasks is to Verify whether the person still works in the given company or not. Usually, you will be required to read instructions and pass a 7 to 10 questions long test to start working on these tasks.

The pay is $0.01 per task and there could be 300 - 500 tasks in one bundle.

There are also weekly contests of $100 where the top 10 people who complete the most number of tasks in a week get the money distributed among them.

4. Clixsense Review: Affiliate Program  

Clixsense affiliate program is really amazing. It has a Signup Commission of $0.10 to $0.30 for each referral you make to sign up. Once your active referral has earned $5.00 on the platfrom (excluding bonuses and commissions), you will be rewarded with $2.00.

Clixsense affiliate program also covers surveys, tasks and offers. You will be rewarded 20% of the earnings your referral makes through surveys, tasks and offers. You will be rewarded 30% if you have 200 such active referrals and atleast one of them has got a payout in the last 30 days.

So do join Clixsense (Clixsense Joining Link) and make more referrals to earn more money.

5. Clixsense Review: Daily Checklist Bonus

There are 3 ways of getting the daily checklist bonus.

  1. Complete atleast 10 Figure-8 Tasks.
  2. Complete atleast 2 surveys or 2 offers.
  3. Complete atleast 5 Figure-8 Tasks and 1 survey or 1 offer.

The daily checklist bonus can be as much as 16% of your total personal earnings from completing the Figure-8 tasks and surveys/offers. Below is the split up.

 Checklist Completed: 12%
  ClixAddon Installed:   02%
  Activity Extra Bonus:  02%
          Maximum Possible Bonus: 16%

If you complete daily checklist 3 times in a row then you will be awarded the Activity Extra Bonus of 02%. 

ClixSense Review: How to Withdraw money from ClixSense?

Currently there are 3 ways of withdrawing money from Clixsense:
  1. Payoneer (Payoneer Sign Up Link)
  2. Skrill
  3. Tango 

Out of the 3 mentioned above, Payoneer is the cheapest and if you don't have a Payoneer account yet, you can earn $25.00 for free from payoneer once you receive a total amount of $1000.00 in your Payoneer account. So Payoneer (Payoneer Sign Up Link) is recommended by us.

To conclude, there are 5 main ways of earning money on Clixsense namely, paid surveys, cash offers, Figure-8 tasks, Affiliate program and Bonuses. There are no more ads in clixsense so if you want to earn by simply clicking ads; you can read Rotate4all Review or Neobux Review. Both Rotate4all and Neobux give money just for clicking on ads.

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