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Easyhits4u Review: Traffic Exchange with Make Money Online

Easyhits4u Review: Traffic Exchange with Make Money Online
Easyhits4u Review: Traffic Exchange with Make Money Online

Easyhits4u Review: What is the Work on the Website?

The work is simple: Surfing. Yes. You just have to surf on the website to promote your website, blog or a youtube channel. Promoting a website with Google Adsense on it is not recommended as it's against Google's policies.
You can surf each website for 20 seconds to receive a credit. For each credit, people will surf your website for 20 seconds.

Easyhits4u Review: What are the Rewards on the website?

You will get two types of rewards for surfing on the website. The first reward is 1 credit for surfing 20 seconds. The second reward can be cash (usually a $1.00) ,2000 ad impressions, 300 credits or something like that for collecting 10 tokens. Tokens can be gems, nuts, popins or something similar.

Easyhits4u Review: Connection Requests and Backlinks

The best thing about easyhits4u is it allows you to socialize and know other users on the platform. You are able to add your websites, social media links and youtube channels in a way that it provides a backlink to all your online assets (websites, youtube channels etc).

Easyhits4u Review: Make Money Online with Rotate4All

 To convert your credits into money, you can use rotate4all. Make an account on rotate4all and place your PTP (Paid to Promote) link which is also your referral link on Easyhits4u. Make sure you set it to receive only unique visits. People will visit it and for every visit, you will be credited $0.000250 .

Easyhits4u Review: Affiliate Program

Easyhits4u is having a great affiliate program. You will receive 30% of the credits, $0.10 in cash in your account and 40% commissions on all the purchases made by your referrals.

Easyhits4u Review: Payment Proofs

Currently, Easyhits4u pays you in your SolidTrustPay Account that you can create here (SolidTrustPay Account Link). Below is the payment proof of $3.03 USD. By July 9, 2019, SolidTrustPay charges an annual maintenance fee of $5.00 on personal and more fee on business accounts.

Easyhits4u Review: Payment Proof of $3.03 USD.
Easyhits4u Review: Payment Proof of $3.03 USD.

So join Easyhits4u now and start promoting your website for free with a make money online opportunity. 

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