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Timebucks : How to Earn Money on Instagram in 2019?

Timebucks: how to earn money on instagram ?
Timebucks: How to Earn Money on Instagram? (courtesy: Foxyrating.com)

How to Earn Money on Timebucks?

Timebucks is having surveys to complete like Grabpoints website. Timebucks has offerwalls to view like Neobux. Timebux has tasks to complete like Clixsense. Timebucks has Dice to roll like freebitco.in .

These were the few ways that are combined together in Timebucks. Except from these, we also have content and instagram. Yes, you can earn money for viewing other people's content like videos, webpages, slides. You can also earn money for making a customized profile on instagram on timebucks' behalf. You can get paid for instagram follows, instagram unfollows and you can even get paid for instagram posts.

How to Earn Money on Instagram?

  1. The first step is to join Timebucks using this link: Timebucks Signup Link
  2. Now setup your new Instagram profile using the official Timebucks Video Tutorial below:

  3. Once you have setup your profile correctly and have got 40 followers, you will earn $0.20 from timebucks (Don't tell your friends to follow you and don't even buy followers, Timebucks will handle everything).
  4. Now, you will get jobs from timebucks to follow someone.Please follow the below tutorial to do so.

  5. You will also get jobs to unfollow someone. Please follow the below tutorial to do so.

  6.  Sometimes, timebucks will tell you to post few things for good pay as well. Please follow the below tutorial to do so.


How to Withdraw Money from Timebucks?

You cannot withdraw money from Timebucks. They have Auto-payments method for paying their users. By Auto-paying , I mean whenever you reach above $10.00 USD. They finalize your amount on Tuesday night and pay you money on Thursday night. They can pay the money  to Payeer, Paypal or Bitcoin. You can also hold your money in the Timebucks account to patiently wait for a bigger check. (:

So this was all about earning money from Instagram using Timebucks. Did you like it? Tell us in the comments below.

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