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Hivework Review: is Hive Micro Legit or Scam?

Hivework Review: is Hive Micro Legit or Scam?

Figure: Hivework Review: is Hive Micro Legit or Scam?

Hive Work is basically a legit Micro Job Website. You get paid for completing Categorization and Annotation types of jobs. You have to qualify tests to get the jobs. People usually earn around $200+ USD a month on Hive Work. Payout methods are PayPal and bitcoin.

Hivework Review: Jobs

Figure: Hivework Review: Jobs

In the jobs section, there are two types of jobs, Features Jobs and New Jobs. For both the types of jobs, you need to quality tests before getting them.

Hivework Review: Jobs: Badges

For qualifying tests and completing micro jobs, you earn badges. There are two types of badges namely categorization and Annotation.

Currently, there are 4 badges in the categorization slot and 6 badges in the Annotation slot.

If you have collected all these badges then you will get better-paying jobs in your Featured Jobs section.

Hivework Review: Jobs: Weekly Bonus

You also earn some weekly bonus for working on the micro-jobs provided by Hive.

Hivework Review: Referrals

Hivework has a different policy of referrals. They will allow you to make referrals only after you have earned $2.00 USD in your account.

Once you have earned $2.00 USD you can start referring others using your referral link.

For every $5.00 USD you referral earn, you get a flat commission of $1.00 USD in your account.

Referral bonus only applies to new user sign-ups. Limited to the first 180 days from your friend’s sign-up or their first $25 earnings.

Hivework Review: Leaderboard

Figure: Hivework Review: Leaderboard

To get inspiration from other people, you can use the Leaderboard section of Hive work. You may find people with total earning amounts of $2000+ USD there.

Only a daily basis people usually end up earning as high as $10.00 USD and $50.00 USD on a weekly basis.

You can re-appear for the qualification test if you fail once. This time would be easy as the same questions would come for you.

Hivework Review: Payout Methods

There are only two payment methods on Hive work.

1. PayPal
2. Bitcoin.

Hivework Review: Hivework Payment Proof 2019

Coming Soon.

So this was all about Hive. Hope you earn from it as well. Thank you.

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